Embry is a 2D top-down tactics game with procedurally-generated levels. You play as a young hunter discovering her people's past and becoming embroiled in interstellar conflict involving violent insects. This game was made for the science fiction gamejam at https://itch.io/jam/science-fiction

our team is:
Ranger Fox - Design, Story, Art
Bea Pippin - Design, Code
Blake Genis - Design, Story
Patrick Dolan - Music

left click: select unit, or move unit to clicked square, or advance dialogue, or speed up ship movement, or select menu or gui options
right click: deselect unit or view stats of rightclicked unit
escape (during player turn): options menu

  • ships have an energy reserve which is full at the beginning of the turn
  • moving up to a ship's maximum propulsion distance costs 1 energy per square
  • firing on an adjacent ship costs 1 or 2 energy and deals 1-3 damage (depending on the ship)
    • beware: some enemy ships can attack from a distance
  • if all your ships are out of energy, or you click the end turn button, your turn ends and the enemy ships get to act
  • any leftover energy at the end of the turn becomes shields, up to the ship's max shields
  • taking damage decreases shields, then armor, then maximum energy
  • reaching 0 maximum energy destroys the ship
  • salvaging an adjacent wreck or planet uses 1 energy and restores 2 armor and 2 maximum energy and awards 1 salvage point
  • levels are randomly generated
  • defeating all enemy ships and ending the player's turn starts a new level, at increased difficulty -- enemy ships will have improved stats, and/or there will be more of them
    • boss levels occur at difficulty 10, 20, and 30! the game continues endlessly after that
  • between levels, the player has an opportunity to upgrade their ships, and all wrecks are automatically converted to salvage points
    • note that planets are not automatically salvaged, and auto-salvaged wrecks do not restore any armor or energy -- it is in your interest to salvage appropriately before the end of your last turn
  • having all player ships defeated takes you back to the title screen but does not reset the difficulty -- use the Continue option to re-try the level, but it will be re-generated
    • if you lose a player ship it will have to be repaired after the level for 2 salvage

What's next for Embry?
Lots more story dialogue, and an interactive tutorial
Make the HTML5 version playable on mobile, or with only touch controls
More variety in ships and bosses, including unique augmentations and upgrades
Mission Hub style gameplay with overarching progression
Larger, scrollable levels with fog-of-war and "terrain"


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Fun to play. Couldn’t get it to save though...


The game is great and it was fun to play. I would like to control the music though because for me it was a bit louder, a mellow music would have been good but its fine. The game could have some new changes with every level like a new background or a new enemy or even a new color  or anything new would be nice cause after playing the game for 15 min I started getting more bored and felt like I completed the game but its personal opinion, good game over all.


This game was fun. It was a nice challenge, and I hope you can develop it further. Thanks for putting it on itch.io


Also, the music was great!