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A collection of barely-started projects, all made using LÖVE

Critical Hit - 90% of a raycaster, 5% of a game. Untextured and inefficient, but works! WASD moves you like a shooter, up/down/left/right moves you like a dungeon crawler, which was the original idea I was aiming for

Color Wizard - 30% of a roguelike. Numpad moves around, click 'spellbutton' in the bottom-right corner to select a spell, then click a target to execute it. Bumping monsters kills them. Different monsters have different AI. Using the 'omnisight' spell reveals my pretty cool dungeon generation algorithm.

Breakowt - 10% of a physics-based breakout game. I had big plans for this but gave up after realizing that there's a hundred thousand better breakout games. The ball bounces using Box2D physics though, which was going to be the cool part.


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breakowt.love 2 kB
color wizard.love 17 kB
critical hit.love 9 kB